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I love capturing the first tender days of life. The ever fleeting moments of little wrinkled toes and curled up cuddles. Those first few days pass so quickly. I am in love with the idea of capturing this special time, so that once you catch your breath, you can relish in the little details that have quickly passed.

As your child grows, I specialize in natural portraiture. Carefully scripted to bring out the best in your little one. I will follow them through a quiet moment, to find an expression all their own, or even jump the biggest puddle to bring out that fun little giggle. My style is relaxed and child centered to bring out the most authentic expressions.

I bring the same approach to my family photography. I see your family as I would want to capture mine. Those looks between a mother and a child, a finger wrapped tightly around your pinky, candid expressions that showcase what makes your family unique and all your own. All little details that years later will help you remember more than what you looked like, but what you felt like too.

Session expressions are not left to chance. I carefully guide you through your entire session to bring out the best in your family and ensure we get the shots that will melt your heart year after year.

In this day and age we have to choose our investments wisely. To me, there is not a better long term investment than the feeling a portrait can bring. Even years or generations down the road a portrait has the ability to share your story. It is one of the few ways we can freeze this moment and revisit it so vividly...

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